3 tips on how to declutter by Anushca Dalton

Decluttering can seem like a mammoth task. Most of us simply don’t know where to begin.

Written by Anushca Dalton  www.theoriginalhome.co.za

Decluttering can seem like a mammoth task. Most of us simply don’t know where to begin,
and when we do begin we get overwhelmed; we stuff everything back into the cupboard,
and walk away feeling defeated. I want to share three simple tips with you to help you
declutter any space:

#1 First things first
Start small by taking on ONE shelf at a time, from start to finish. If you feel inspired after
one shelf, go ahead and do ONE more.

#2 Cleaning the Clutter
This is a very essential step to organising any space. There’s no point spending your time
organising items that don’t serve you. Create four piles for yourself: KEEP, SELL, DONATE,
RECYCLE. Grab one item from the shelf and ask yourself: “Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I use

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it means the item still serves you, so
put it in the KEEP pile. If your answer is no, then decide whether you’d like to DONATE, SELL
or RECYCLE the item. Pretty soon you will see how much clutter you had filling your space
and how freeing it feels to get rid of things that you don’t love, need or use.

#3 REMOVE, don’t relocate!
Once you’re done decluttering your shelf, immediately take the items from the DONATE,
SELL and RECYCLE piles and load them into the boot of your car. This will help you see the
progress you’ve made in your space. Try to donate, sell and recycle these items as soon as
possible – DO NOT DELAY – otherwise, all you’ve done is relocate your clutter and pretty
soon it will find its way back into your home and back into your life.

Remember, decluttering is not a destination, it’s a journey. Don’t rush through the
process, take your time and know your limits. Ask an encouraging friend or family
member for support and schedule regular time to take on small tasks.
Your home is a reflection of your life.