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Funnels Set of 3

Progressive Funnel set of 3 nesting funnels which save space when not in use. 6, 8 and 10cm Diameter funnels

Legend Premium S/S soup ladle

Premium Stainless Steel soup ladle Features: – Comfortable soft touch handle with stainless steel accent – Durable Stainless steel shaft

Microwave 4-Egg Poacher

Poach up to 4 eggs at one time. Makes perfectly round eggs every time. Features: – Non Stick surface makes

Microwave Food Cover – 26cm

Progressive Microwave Food Cover 26cm Diameter great for keeping food warm. Features steam vents and finger grips. Features: – Contains

Progressive Bag Clips Mini

Our mini bag clips are perfect for any little job in the kitchen, office or workroom! These clips feature a

Garlic Cube

The garlic cube dices, slices and grates. Unique storage container. Specifications: Size: L8.5 x W8.3 x H7cm Weight: 181 Grams

Joseph Joseph Knife & Cutlery Cleaning Brush

Clean your knives and cutlery safely with this innovative washing-up brush. The unique wrap-around design cleans both sides of your

Progressive Apple Wedger

Slices & cores 8 even wedges. Simply centre & push down. Stainless Steel blades Specifications: Size: L17.5 x W12 x

Progressive Cheese Slicer

Wire for soft cheese & stainless steel plane for hard cheese. Cut thick or thin slices with wire by ajusting

Progressive Citrus Juicer

Measurement markings up to 8Tbls, 1 Cup and 250ml. Reamer perfect size for oranges, lemons and limes. Non-skid base. Dome

Progressive Corn Skewers – Plastic

Stay-cool handles. Press one corn skewer into each end of the corn cob when ready to serve. Place skewer in

Progressive Digital Thermometer

Temperature readings from 45 ‘C to 200 ‘C. Sharp and sensitve probe will give instant readings. Can also be used

Progressive Dual Veg Peeler

Dual Veg Peeler features both serrated and straight blades in one. Serrated blade quickly peels difficult soft-skinned produce. Straight blade

Progressive Garlic Press

Scraper quickly removes pressed garlic and helps remove waste. Larger, conical-shaped holes produce perfect dice with less mess. Scraper stores

Progressive Garnish Slicer

Perfect for mushrooms or hardboiled eggs. Lift wire frame. Place food on slicer. Bring frame down over item. Specifications: Size:

Progressive Lemon Squeezer

Easily press out pure lemon juice leaving seeds and pulp behind. Cut the lemon in half. Place lemon cut side

Progressive Locking Tongs – 30cm

30.5cm long handle. Stainless steel. Locking mechanism for storage Specifications: Size: L30.5 W3 x H3.5cm Weight: 151

Progressive Measuring Spoons set of 4

Standard and metric measurements 4 piece set includes: 1/4 tsp (1.25ml) 1/2 tsp (2.5ml) 1 tsp (5ml) 1 Tbsp (15ml)

Progressive Microwave Fish/Veg Steamer

Fast nutritious way to prepare meals. Adjustable steam control vent. BPA free. Holds a 23cm fish fillet. Specifications: Size: L31

Progressive Mini Tower Grater

3 stainless steel surfaces for fine grating zesting and slicing. Non-skid feet. Specifications: Size: L12 x W5.5 x H5.5cm Weight:

Progressive Multi Slicer

4 different cutting blades: thick slice, think slice, thick julienne & thin julienne. Comfort grip & finger guard. Specifications: Size:

Progressive Onion Chopper

Dices onions in one swift motion. Printed measurements on the storage container. No More tears. Includes cleaning tool. Specifications: Size:

Progressive Pans Scraper Assorted Colours

Perfect for scraping plates, pots or pans. Safe for non-stick surfaces. Available in 4 colours: Green, Purple, Blue and Red

Progressive Steak Thermometer

Cook perfect steak every time. Works in your oven, grill and braai. The instant read steak thermometer provides you with

Victorinox Grater Fine

Fine Grater with Slip-Resistant Feet It’s a grater, but not as you know it. This piece of kitchen counter kit

Victorinox Julienne Cutter

Victorinox kitchen tools, they’re sharp, practical and stylish. Julienne peeler with swivel motion Stainless steel blade and swivel motion for

Victorinox Kitchen Scissors – Black

Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears Our Multipurpose Kitchen Shears are a true kitchen all-rounder. The blades are formed of exceptionally hard

Victorinox Swiss Peeler – Red

Potato Peeler with Blemish Remover Whether you are preparing potatoes, cucumbers, apples or carrots, the Victorinox Potato Peeler allows every