What’s the big deal about getting organised?

By Anushca Dalton (The Original Home). Whether we’d like to admit it or not, an unorganised and cluttered space is not something we boast about or really want people to see. It’s time to come out of hiding and restore your home to what it was originally designed for – a place of rest, recovery, and good company.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began in March 2020 and we had to start spending more time at home, I noticed an increase in people’s awareness of their space. Being home more has opened our eyes to things that work and even the things that don’t work. Some areas in our homes have become obstacles and limit us to our full potential.

Being organised can only benefit you and your family and here’s 8 ways how:

  1. Save Money
  2. Reduce Waste
  3. Save Time
  4. Prevent Damage
  5. Increase Productivity
  6. Peace
  7. Hygiene
  8. Confidence

Save Money

One of the biggest problems of an unorganised space, is that you don’t know what you have. Because you don’t know what you have, you buy more of the item you need, ending up with duplicates of one item.

TIP – Group like items into categories. Categories make it a lot easier to see what and how much you have of an item.

Fun Fact – “Unnecessary expenditures related to disorganization (late fees, duplication, etc.) can cost as much as 15% to 20% of your annual budget.”

Data taken from https://www.amazinggoodwill.com/living-amazing/bid/201877/Clutter-Facts-and-Organizing-Tips

Reduce Waste

An organised pantry and fridge helps you prevent waste because nothing gets time to expire.


  • –  List what you have in your pantry/fridge at least once a week to prevent you from buying duplicates when you head to the store.
  • –  Plan your meals for the week ahead and only buy what is required for those meals but allow yourself at least 2 days for spontaneous meals.
  • –  Organise your fridge and pantry by placing items in the order of their expiry date and use the oldest items first.Fun Fact – “80% of what we keep, we never use!”
    Data taken from https://www.amazinggoodwill.com/living-amazing/bid/201877/Clutter-Facts-and-Organizing-TipsSave TimeIt’s an endless tiring task trying to find something in a cluttered space. The time spent on looking for something could have been used more wisely. Time is precious in today’s pace of life. Don’t waste yours!

TIP – Group like items together, contain them & label the containers to save time when looking for something.

Fun Fact – “The average American (person) spends 1 year in their life looking for lost or misplaced items at home or in the office.”

Data taken from https://www.amazinggoodwill.com/living-amazing/bid/201877/Clutter-Facts-and-Organizing-Tips

Prevent Damages

When your space is full and unorganised, you end up stacking things onto each other, damaging or breaking some items in the process. Damaged paperwork could also lead to an admin nightmare.

TIP – Never use 100% of the capacity of your space; rather fill it to a maximum of 80% capacity so that you have breathing room for your items to be properly stored. Having empty space is a good thing.

Fun Fact – “80% of the clutter in most homes is a result of disorganization, not lack of space.” Data taken from https://www.amazinggoodwill.com/living-amazing/bid/201877/Clutter-Facts-and-Organizing-Tips

Increase Productivity

In a clear and organised space, you automatically feel motivated to produce. Your environment has a big impact on your productivity.

TIP – Start by making your bed in the morning. Ticking off this simple task from your to-do list helps you feel productive very early in the day.

Fun Fact – “82% of people believe if they were more organized their quality of life would improve.” Data taken from https://blueskyathome.com/10-statistics-on-organizing/


Just looking at a full space brings anxiety & confusion. It leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed. We can all do with more peace, and one way to start is to clear your space. No Mess, No Stress!

TIP – Clear the clutter on your nightstand to contribute to peace beside your bed.
Fun Fact – “We wear 20% of the clothes we own 80% of the time. The rest just hangs there, just in case.”

Data taken from https://www.amazinggoodwill.com/living-amazing/bid/201877/Clutter-Facts-and-Organizing-Tips

Health & Hygiene

Whatever is hiding in an unorganised space, is not clean and it’s not healthy.
If you maintain your space, you maintain the health of your home and your family.

TIP – Regularly go through your pantry and fridge to check for expired items. Take time at least twice a year to unpack your kitchen cupboards and clean them on the inside.

Fun Fact – “Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in the average home.” Data taken from https://www.amazinggoodwill.com/living-amazing/bid/201877/Clutter-Facts-and-Organizing-Tips


“Don’t go in there!” If you like to admit it or not, an unorganised and cluttered space is not something we boast about or really want people to see. It’s time to come out of hiding and restore your home to what it was originally designed for – a place of rest, recovery, and good company. Fill your home with the right things and invite those people over!

TIP – Regain Confidence in your home by diarising ONE hour a week to declutter ONE cupboard in your home. Remember to take before & after photos to keep track of your progress; you’ll be surprised at how these photos can motivate momentum.

Fun Fact – “50% of homeowners rate the garage as the most disorganized place in the house.” Data taken from https://www.amazinggoodwill.com/living-amazing/bid/201877/Clutter-Facts-and-Organizing-Tips

Don’t let organising just be a trend, make it a lifestyle and invest in your home and family. Teach your children from a young age how to be organised and what benefit it bring. Being organised is not just about how beautiful a space looks; it’s about how well it functions and how it contributes to your health and your future.