The Plastics Warehouse was founded in the year 2000 and has since become Mambo’s Storage and Home, the country’s favourite plastics and household products for wholesale or retail. Mambo’s Storage and Home prides itself in stocking a comprehensive range of plastic-ware – larger than most national chain-store retailers in Southern Africa. We have expanded to 16 stores countrywide and growing! Due to the enormous stocks of amazing items in our stores, you’ll find us in dedicated buildings in convenient locations near major shopping centers.

The bigger, cheaper space allows us to provide a fun, easy shopping environment for our customers to explore our lower priced range at their leisure. We’ll offer you’re a world of discovery from your very first visit where you’ll find so many things you never even knew you needed. Plus, since we’re consistently updating our range with new and exciting products, no visit will ever be the same and you’ll leave ‘tickled pink’ every time.

In fact, not only will our range leave you tickled pink, but you’ll be tickled pink with our competitive prices too. Not only are we known for our impressive selection of products by sourcing new suppliers daily, but we also strive to offer you the best price by negotiating volumes with our suppliers.

To locate the nearest store to you, see our Store Locator for more details.

These days we’re all spending so much more time at home. The space you’re in, affects how you feel. Freeing up room and creating a space that is uncluttered, neat and orderly can boost morale as well as lifting your spirits.

Every room in your house has its own storage challenges. Whether it be the toys in your child’s room, what to do with your shoes and socks in the bedroom cupboard, or how to organize your groceries, cleaning products, laundry, or even that most chaotic space, the garage, with your tools and sundry. We even offer bright-spark products to reorganise your office space.

Mambo’s are all about nifty solutions for every storage problem – affordable solutions that will make all the difference to the way you live. In addition, our range of furniture, educational toys, crockery, glassware and kitchenware help you add practicality and style to your home life.

With us, it is simple to achieve fabulous transformations in your home.

Our Mission Since 2000

Simply: To make your life easier. Mambo’s Storage and Home caters for everyone from the infant to the grandparent, for the individual trader to the larger enterprises, 7 days a week, at our best possible price.

Plastically everything under one roof! With more than 15 000 different items under our roof, you’ll find everything you ever needed, and more of what you never knew you ever needed before. Ideally: You’ll be tickled pink at Mambo’s.

For over twenty years, we’ve made it our mission to inspire with smart ways to keep clutter out of sight, good-looking kitchenware, innovative ways to reorganise your space, next-generation environmentally friendly plastic-ware, outdoor furniture, educational toys and more.

We scour the earth for new ideas to help you make your house into the comfortable and organised home it should be. Our stores are laid out to create a fun sense of discovery every time you shop and, for those who enjoy the convenience of online shopping, we also deliver at a small additional fee.

We’re all about helping you sort your home with ease and whizz.

Our Products

Even though our core lines are plastic, you will find many other products of varying materials that naturally complement those products (e.g. the mop you need for the bucket).

We guarantee you be tickled pink at our range of products made from all kinds of materials including:

  • Wood
  • Polystyrene
  • Acrylic
  • Melamine
  • Rubber
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass

Discover more as you browse our range of

  • Office equipment
  • Cleaning
  • Outdoor (tables, chairs)
  • Leisure
  • Kitchenware (including utensils)
  • Toys (including educational)
  • Storage
  • Stationery
  • Garden
  • Pet accessories
  • Packaging

Mambo’s carries ranges that satisfy the demands of a wide spectrum of industries too, leaving everyone from architects to zookeepers tickled pink.

The savvy businessperson will find jars and tubs, buckets, drums, refuse and storage bins, crates, rubber mats and numerous other smalls for their business at ridiculously competitive prices.

We support fair trading practices by supporting larger local plastic manufacturers as well as the smaller independent manufacturers in our communities, as well as importing various lines should they be of a suitable quality and value.